“You’ve got to realise I’m an oppor­tunist, I see links in every­thing, EVERYTHING.
My world is I just see links, one big link.”

Wil Reynolds

In her book Draw­ing on the Right Side of the Brain and on her web­site, Betty Edwards pos­tu­lates that the process of learn­ing to draw changes the way you see the world.

Pos­i­tive prac­tice allows you to train your per­cep­tion to see the world in light, tones and shapes, which is what allows you to improve as an artist.

Edwards describes this as see­ing the world through the ‘R-mode’ of the brain, as opposed to the usual ‘L-mode’.

When we think in the ‘L-mode’, we are think­ing of words, idea and, for the most part, verbally.

When we think in the ‘r-mode’, we process this infor­ma­tion dif­fer­ently. We are more sys­tem­atic and more analytical.

Learn­ing to draw, then, turns out not to be “learn­ing to draw.” Para­dox­i­cally, “learn­ing to draw” means learn­ing to make a men­tal shift from L-mode to R-mode. That is what a per­son trained in draw­ing does, and that is what you can learn.

The ques­tion is then, can we draw a sim­i­lar anal­ogy can be drawn here for learn­ing to link build? Can link builder’s ben­e­fit from mostly using the R-mode, with lit­tle inter­fer­ence from the other side.

Link Build­ing in the R-mode

Peo­ple often talk of the art of SEO being in that you have to be able to use both sides of the brain effec­tively. It requires you to be adept both socially and statistically.

Part of this means train­ing your­self to see the land­scape around you as link oppor­tu­ni­ties the same way an artist trains her­self to see light tones and shapes.

The quote from SEER founder Wil Reynolds illus­trates what we can argue as being able to change your per­cep­tion. The same way an artist changes their per­cep­tion, so does a link builder.

Once you start to see every­thing as a link prospect, you begin to con­stantly ask your­self what would I have to do to incen­tivize that to link to this.

It is the first step in sep­a­rat­ing your link build­ing strat­egy from your com­pe­ti­tion and bul­let proof­ing your back­link pro­file against link stalk­ers.

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