For a short, Sun­day morn­ing blog post to keep things tick­ing over, I thought I’d write a brief trib­ute to my favourite (and often over­looked) search oper­a­tion, related sites.

I use this search oper­a­tion all the time. All Google does is throw up sites it thinks are sim­i­lar to what­ever you’re using as your base.

It’s per­fect for:

  • Find­ing over­looked competitors
  • Look­ing for sim­i­lar, rel­e­vant sites when link prospecting
  • Iden­ti­fy­ing quick-wins from places sim­i­lar to where you’ve already had success
  • Throw­ing up new ideas when your efforts reach an impasse

What’s amaz­ing is how often good qual­ity prospects come up in related searches that haven’t shown up in your pre­vi­ous research (well, for me anyway).

When­ever pitch­ing con­tent at a web­site, I’ll always make sure I run a related search on the website.

The first few sites that show up are usu­ally also good tar­gets for the con­tent, so I can increase the chance of it being taken by pitch­ing it at them too.

I some­times think the best sites to tar­get are the ones that don’t rank well. As Paddy Moogan says here, they’ve not been already been hounded by other SEOs and tend to be more recep­tive to your approaches:

This is why Twit­ter and par­tic­u­larly Fol­low­wonk are so use­ful. (See John Doherty’s post on link prospect­ing with Twit­ter for more on this.)

Any­way, that’s my rel­a­tively inane trib­ute to related searches. I’m also look­ing for­ward to Think Vis­i­bil­ity next week and hop­ing to get a few more sub­stan­tial posts on here over March.

Edit: Since writ­ing this, I’ve found Dan Shure’s post on related search oper­a­tor tips. If you want to know about query, read this!

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