Examples of Google Penalties and How to Get Around Them

About Google Penalties

Google is out to ensure that all referencing rules are implemented and respected by assessing the quality of the contents. It helps unravel low-quality contents and CEOs that tend to be unreasonable and deceptive.

To achieve this, Google has developed certain tools to ensure that all rules are followed. This article contains different types of penalties and what you can do to avoid them.

1.  The Automatic Penalties

Automatic penalties are the ones that happen algorithmically, the system itself detects the mistake made. This google technique is designed to rank websites with high-quality content higher as compared to the ones with weak contents. Automatic penalties are further categorized into three. They include;

  • The penguin penalties
  • The hummingbird penalties
  • The panda penalties

These three categories concentrated on sites that have text which is overstaffed with keywords, uncertainty in terms of incoming links and restricted loading time plus traced content.

Even though these types of penalties are not as tough as the manual ones, still they’ll hurt you, your site will be ranked poorly.

2.  Manual Penalties

These types of penalties are the ones that are issued because you had in one way or the other violated the rules set by Google. learn more about Google Penalties by clicking here

These penalties are often made by Google employees. They include;

  • Buying links
  • Virus infections
  • Cloaking
  • Redirects among others

Once the penalty is issued and received you’ll be required to appeal to Google to ask them to bring back your websites to search engines

Examples of Google Penalties and How to Get Around Them

How Can You Avoid Such Penalties?

1.  Avoid Buying Links

Buying links will undoubtedly induce penalties. The companies that sell these links can be very ascertaining and assuring. They even say that the links that they sell are undetectable, this marketing strategy can be very tempting but the truth of the matter is that they can never go unnoticed by Google, you will someday end up uncovered. So never fall for their sweet and convincing words because they only lead to penalties.

2.  Avoid the Use of Shallow Contents

Do not let shallow contents be the reason behind your business downfall. Instead have a perpetual flow of traffic-related blog with acceptable high quality is written contents with profoundness.

3.  Avoid Duplicating Contents

Also known as un unique texts are the most serious oversights that Google can’t consider as water under the bridge. The content is vetted in two different ways. One, the pages that contain indistinguishable content are kept on substantial pages from being listed or recorded completely. In other words, this means that such content will never come out to light.

Two, Google will penalize you if you decide to post your content in different places. For example, copy content from your website and paste it elsewhere.

4.  Avoid Over Staffing Keywords

Google has over the past decade prohibited the over-staffing of the keywords on websites. With its improvements (BERT) Google is now capable of interpreting content effortlessly the same way man can. This system enables google to tell whether the content is written reasonably or not. In addition to that, Google is also to detect if a content passes the smell test too.

Avoid being penalized, always make sure that content is written naturally, let it sound as if they were spoken words. Googles standard rule for keyword usage is 2% to 3%

5.  No Hidden Content

Normally, this is usually done to achieve higher Google rankings in a tricky manner. For example, people achieve this by matching the colour of their content to that of the page’s background.

To avoid penalties that come as a result of hiding content,  just maintain honesty and transparency by uploading high-quality content.

6.  Link Spamming

This is the act of including a link to a site manually or with the help of a computerized program to improve or in any way, to bestow to SEO. This on the other hand results in the penalization of the spammed website.

How Can You Recover from Google Penalties?

Once a violation of any rule is made it is not that easy to get rid of it. However, the best way you can recover is by first identifying the root of the penalty then everything else will fall in place.

Final Word

Receiving a Google penalty doesn’t signify that your business has come to an end. You can always have the penalties uplifted and get your website back. However, prevention is better than cure. Find a well-experienced SEO service, hire them and turn your back to Google penalties